//All my bags are packed, I’m ready for take-off

Always on the road – that applies very much to our team. We are travel enthusiasts, both in our work and private lives.

On our vacations in 2019, we have ventured to places such as Spain, Italy, France, the UK, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Thailand, and all the way down under to Australia. And while privately we traveled abroad quite a bit, our work trips have taken us all over the States again.

On average, each of us spent 40 days on the road with about 9 trips per person. Our most frequent traveler had a total of 111 days out of the office spread over 22 trips.

With the new year around the corner, we look back at the highlights of each month’s travel in 2019. We are excited to see what 2020 has in store for us!

//Four crazy hotels we would love to stay at

We are always on the look for new and exciting hotels as we often need to host guests for many of the events we are planning. Obviously, location plays an important role for logistics and accessibility. Equally as important is the design and style of the hotel since we believe that this sends as much of a message as a press release does.

We always come across a lot of extraordinary hotels during our research. However, based on the criteria above, we often have to exclude some particularly exciting options from consideration for our events. Here are four crazy hotels that we will probably never use for events, but that we would simply love to stay at.

Igloos at North Pole (Photo by Luxury Action)

Igloo Hotel, North Pole

In April 2020, a temporary hotel will open at the North Pole. The Igloo hotel will consist of only ten temporary heated glass igloos that will allow guests to sleep under the Northern Lights with 360 degree south-facing windows.

The hotel is open for the duration of one single month, in April, due to the fact that the North Pole is not safely accessible for the rest of the year. This kind of exclusivity obviously has its price: A trip to the Igloo Hotel will cost around $105,000.

The master bedroom at the Muraka (Photo by Yuji Yamazaki Architecture)

The Muraka, Maldives

This one is nothing for claustrophobic people: The Muraka is the underwater villa of the Conrad Maldives. The 600 tons underwater structure was designed with the help of aquarium technology specialists. At over 16 feet below sea level, it includes an emergency button and escape route to the surface.

The villa also has an overwater part with a private infinity pool, its own gym, butler service, and a private chef. If you have $50,000 to spare, you can spend a night there counting fish instead of sheep to fall asleep.

Giraffes grabbing a snack (Photo by The Safari Collection)

Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Giraffe Manor is not located in any extremely unusual spot but in a gorgeous 1930’s villa set in the middle of 140 acres of indigenous forest close to Nairobi, Kenya. What makes it special, though, are its non-human residents: A herd of Rothschild Giraffes visits the hotel every day during breakfast and tea time in hope of getting a snack.

A favorite amongst Instagram influencers, photos of these unusual encounters have been going viral since its opening. It might be an Instagram hype, but who doesn’t want to dine with a giraffe?

Bedroom at the Von Braun Station (Photo by The Gateway Foundation)

Von Braun Station, Space

This hotel is truly out of this world. Or it will be. Aimed to open for full operations by 2027, the Von Braun Station by the Gateway Foundation is one of many space hotel projects currently in the works.

The hotel is in the shape of a wheel which helps to artificially create gravity. The 24 modules can sleep 352 guests and will offer other cruise-ship like amenities such as restaurants, bars, musical concerts, movie screenings, and educational seminars.

The question is: Which time zone will these be scheduled in?

//Welcome to the world of OSK New York!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the world of OSK New York! You might have seen our website where we showcase our best work and talk about our impressive skill set – but this is not the same thing just in a slightly different format.

Our blog will introduce you to our micro cosmos, the world of OSK New York: NYC agency life meets creative/fun ideas meets relevant topics of local and global scale.

Expect to see impressions from the latest and greatest of our travel and adventures, our thoughts on new trends and cultural issues, topics that are of interest to us due to our work or personal backgrounds, and simply fun stuff. We will touch on anything from experiential pop-up spaces, flying cars, and PR stunts to food halls, the curviest roads to drive on, and the environment.

Our team consists of highly organized and wildly creative individuals who have lived and worked on four continents. With our different backgrounds, we complement each other in the work we do. On a personal level, we have grown into a multicultural family.

We hope you enjoy our stories!